Charles and I have lost 45 pounds in the past 5 months. We have another 10 to go. That’s between the two of us.

Was it easy? Well… Yes and no. Hunger and habit are the obvious hurdles, but peers and holidays and restaurants and rewards are also stumbling blocks. We’ll examine this in future posts.

What diet plan did we follow? No one plan in particular, but actually all of them in one way or another. We’ll get to that.

After losing weight, we’ll switch to maintenance mode. We suspect this will be tougher than losing the weight in the first place. Or easier. Time, as always, will tell. We’ll keep you posted.

We decided to write this blog to share our stories and thoughts with fellow dieters, would-be dieters, and the diet-curious. We’ll let you know what we’ve found out there in the very populated world of diet plans and exercise regimens.

First and foremost we’ll state that we’re not professional diet gurus, nor exercise buffs, nor health fanatics. We assume we’re quite like most of you out there: unique individuals with unique concepts of your preferred body type, who have unique tolerances for certain foods and activities.

We’ll report our experiences, tell you about the diet and exercise options that are out there, and be frank with our opinions. PLEASE JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION! Sharing is caring! The more we discuss each other’s experiences, knowledge and thoughts, the better this journey will be for each of us.

We’ll also post quick ideas on dieting and exercising. Tips and tricks. Reviews, too, of various diet plans and exercise programs. We’ll even post videos – our own as well as interesting videos from here and there.

Hey, you can even make suggestions about the look and function of this website. We want you to feel comfy while you’re here, and we hope you come back. To that end, why not Subscribe to our newsletter? That way you’ll know what goodies we posted each week.

This is a non-members only website. No entry fees or periodic dues. No qualifications other than your interest. No expectations other than civil discourse.

Some affiliate links are included, in case you find a good match to your intended diet or exercise regimen.

We’ll even strive to entertain you. Diets and exercises summon up visions of rice cakes and boot camp – if not outright starvation and torture! Let’s lighten things up a bit, okay? Have fun with the experience. Check out our upcoming quizzes, polls, whimsical observations, videos, podcasts, and free eBook downloads.

Welcome, one and all, to

~ Jeanette and Charles


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